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Whois Analyzer Pro Manual


Hello and welcome to the Whois Analyzer Pro manual. You may begin your first Whois query immediately with the default settings installed.

Understanding Whois

Whois is both a database and a tool. A whois database is maintained by a domain or address registrar and it contains valuable information about domain names, IP addresses, the registrant who allocates them, and technical contact information. Whois Analyzer Pro is a whois tool similar to others in that it accesses various databases where this information is stored. Whois Analyzer Pro is unlike any other whois tool on the market today because of its state of the art searching capabilities. It can perform whois queries on any IP or email address, Universal Resource Locator (URL or web address), or Autonomous System Number (ASN) from any country worldwide and return the most current data on file.

Perfoming a Whois Query - in 3 easy steps

1. You can begin your first Whois query immediately by entering into the Whois window a IP address, email address, Universal Resource Locator (URL or web address), or Autonomous System Number (ASN). You can access historic queries made by clicking on the drop down arrow in the Whois text field.

2. The Server default is set to Smart (Automatic) which allows the software to automatically choose for you which Whois server (database) is used to obtain the most "up to the minute" whois data. You may enter your own preferred server here, select a server from the drop down list, or stick with the default Smart (Automatic) selection.

3. Just click the Go button and instantly obtain the most accurate Whois query results.

Please Note: The Server default of Smart (Automatic) can be changed at any time by picking the Whois server from drop down list. In addition, if you do not see the Whois server you would prefer to use you can customize the software to use any Whois server by entering it directly into the Server field or by entering it into your Preferences as the fallback server. Please see Preferences to get more information on how to use a different Whois server.

Reading Results

First, draw your attention to the first numbered item below, point #1. You may safely ignore this, but it is worth understanding that the entire workflow WhoIs Analyzer Pro is performing is described in this log window pane in real-time. As you can see here, our query began with one whois server, then inside the results we detected a referral to a more specific server with more detailed information. We followed the referral and queried another whois database, then merged the results in the main window pane above.

The second point shows the results obtained from the server "whois.verisign-grs.com" and the third point shows results received from "whois.godaddy.com".

Part of the power of WhoIs Analyzer Pro is in its advanced workflow, and its ability to follow referrals to get you the most detailed information. If several servers are queried for information, their different information will be displayed in the primary window pane and each server's results will be prefixed by a header such as those indicated by points two and three in the screenshot.

Using the Whois Analyzer Pro Toolbar

Whois Analyzer Pro provides toolbar icons useful for Whois queries. These include: New Window, Save Result, Clear Answer, Clear Log, Preferences, Check for Updates, Page Setup and Print. You can find out more about each icon and how to use them in the following sections.

New Window Icon

Whois Analyzer Pro is capable of performing multiple Whois queries simultaneously. To perform multiple Whois queries simply click the "New Window" icon in the Whois Analyzer Pro toolbar.

Save Result Icon

Whois Analyzer Pro can save the results of your current Whois query with the click of a button. To save your Whois query results, just click on the "Save Result" icon and enter the Save As name for your Whois query, where you would like to save it to and what format you would like to use for the file. Click "Save" to save the file or "Cancel" to cancel the operation.

Clear Answer Icon

In order to clear the current Whois query results just click on the "Clear Answer" icon to delete them.

Please Note: The results of your Whois query will be cleared from the results window, however, your search criteria entered into the Whois window will remain allowing you to simply click the Go button to obtain your Whois query results again.

Clear Log Icon

Whois Analyzer Pro logs all of your Whois queries for the current session. You have the option to clear the log for a current session by clicking on the "Clear Log" button in the toolbar. This will clear all whois queries for a given session (but will not remove them from the drop down history). You will need to perform the whois queries again to obtain the search results.

Preferences Icon

The Preferences icon allows you to customize Whois Analyzer Pro to best fit your needs. The Preferences section is comprised of several categories: General, Whois Servers, and License. Each category allows you to change the default settings.

Preferences Icon- General tab

In the "General" section the default settings include allowing the software to "Enable automatic update check at startup" and setting the "Server Timeout" which has a default setting of 10,000 milliseconds.

The "Enable automatic update check at startup" automatically alerts you when there is a version upgrade or new release of Whois Analyzer Pro. To disable the "Enable automatic update check at startup" simply uncheck the box and click OK.

To change the "Server Timeout" simply enter the number of milliseconds you want to allow the Whois server to retrieve results for your Whois query and click OK.

Please Note: If you are having trouble obtaining results from servers, we recommend that you first try increasing your "Server Timeout" setting to allow additional time for the servers to respond. This is especially the case when performing Whois queries on URL's (web addresses).

Preferences Icon - Whois Server tab

In the "Whois Server" tab you will find the "Current Whois Servers Configuration Date" which is the date the currently-being-used whois server configuration file was last updated.

The "Fallback Whois Server" option allows you to (1) choose a server to query when all automatic server choices return no results and (2) choose a Whois server exclusively for all of your Whois queries if the "Use fallback server exclusively" setting is selected.

Steps to choose a Fallback Whois Server:

1.To choose a "Fallback Whois Server" simply click on the drop down menu of Whois servers and click on the server you want to use or enter one of your own choosing by typing in the text field.

2. Check the box "Use fallback server exclusively" if you want to force the software to always use the Fallback Whois Server displayed in the text field.

WhoIs Analyzer Pro will automatically attempt to download new server configurations periodically. However, you may click the "Start Configuration Update" button to force the program to check for a new server configuration available online. If one is found, it will automatically be downloaded and your confirmation that this has occurred will be a change in the "Current WhoIs servers configuration date."

Preferences Icon - License tab

The "License" tab displays the name of the "Registrant" who is registered to use the Whois Analyzer Pro software and the "License Code" for the software.

If you are running a free trial version of Whois Analyzer Pro, the Registrant and License Code will remain blank.

If you would like to buy Whois Analyzer Pro you can click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase the software and obtain a License Code.

Check for Updates Icon

The "Check for Updates" icon in the toolbar will automatically check for Whois Analyzer Pro software updates. Just click the button and your software will check to see if a new version is available and offer you the option to upgrade if a updated version is found.

Page Setup Icon

The "Page Setup" icon in the toolbar allows you to change how your Whois query results will be displayed on a page when printed.

Simply click on the drop down menus to change how your query results will be displayed on a page and click OK to save your changes.

Print Icon

The "Print" icon allows you to print your Whois query results without having to copy and paste them into another program. Just select your printer and click Print to view your results.

Thank you for purchasing Whois Analyzer Pro. If you still have questions about the software please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

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